Posted by: Mike Rubbo | September 24, 2009

The Day the Sky Went Red

This movie doesn’t really belong on the blog in that it’s not primarily about bikes.

But I did dash down on my bike, into the red dawn on Sept 23rd, and being upright, I did have one hand more or less free for filming.

At first, later that day, I posted the clip just as stunning images, but then my friend, David Bradbury got me thinking about what we’d seen and what it could mean, and so I re-cut and re-titled the clip. We Play With Fire.



  1. Beautiful, well composed, and captivating. But hey, I recognize some of those “bystanders” at the beach!

    Mike, my man, with the Net, YouTube, WordPress, and desktop video editing, you have truly relaunched and reinvigorated your lifetime passion as a damned fine documentarian. You may have reached a “tipping point” with me, now I can’t wait for your next post! Next step is start selling some ad space for your local bicycle vendor, or org’s that support electric buses or other mass transit, or politicians who can genuinely help slow the inevitable social and economic collapse.

    Your material just keeps getting better with every installment. Good on yer! (great choice on the music again, as usual.)

    Just read yesterday that the drought and dry conditions which facilitated this dust storm are only expected to worsen. And the gov’t is worried about bicycle helmets, instead of reducing the number of private auto’s spewing exhaust, or adding more rail lines and mass transit?!

    This madness, will _have_ to end. Mother Earth _always_ has the last word.

    “Global warning: Sydney dust storm just the beginning”

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